Custom Spec Restroom

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of a Custom Spec Restroom at Jubilee Park in Brisbane.

After many years Jubilee Park Amenities received an upgrade to service growing number of young families and the greater community.
The community still wanted to keep the same feel as the existing restroom. Therefore the local school ran an art competition to select a new mural to cover the new restroom and to give an updated theme.

From Old

To New

This restroom is a 1D2A layout and is customised with interior custom orb cladding, safety yellow grab bars and is externally clad with flat impax panels. This provided a vandal resistant outer cladding whilst allowing for the application of the artwork.

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New range of Lounges

Looking for something unique to place around the pool of your resort? Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to release a range of Lounge furniture. These items are perfect for outdoor public areas.

Wok Lounge

Produced in polyethylene, the Wok lounger is perfect for sunbathing. Designed to provide impeccable comfort, this lounger of contemporary outline easily adapts to dedicated relaxation spaces, whether outdoors or indoors (7 colours).

Moon Lounge

Produced in polyethylene, the Moon armchair will enhance both your outdoor and indoor spaces : for reading, leisure or socializing, moments of leisure and contemplation, the Moon armchair is perfect for a patio, a poolside or a garden.


XShade is a versatile and eco-friendly modular shading system, suitable to define spaces of different sizes. Born from the idea of a domestic gazebo, convivial and meeting place. Adapting itself to the various needs, it can be used to define a stand area or as a urban kiosk.

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Changing Places Restroom

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of a Changing Places restroom at Ollie Webb Reserve in Parramatta.

The restroom has officially been registered as a Changing Places restroom. To view the full specifications of a Changing Places restroom please visit: Changing Places

The layout of this particular restroom has been modified slightly to incorporate a store room and pump room for the accessible water play park that is located nearby.

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Lake Munmorah – Snowy Timber Skillion Shelter

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of a 4x4m Snowy Timber Skillion Shelter.

Being a pre-fabricated unit the installation of the shelter can be completed very quickly minimising the disruption to the public environment.

This particular shelter was painted on site. The end result looks great!

To view the full range of shelter available please click here: Shelters

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The AbilityBox system is exclusive to Moodie Outdoor Products. It is not just a system to build planter boxes or garden beds with. It can be used to construct retaining walls too!

Here are a couple of pics from clients using the system to construct retaining walls.

AbilityRetain can be used with star pickets for fast installation of low lying retaining walls. Or can be used with traditional posts and concrete footings for higher retaining walls.

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Latest from ColinSelig

The spider-like shape of Pentarachnid appears to be crawling down the hillside, injecting an anticipatory energy for both children and adults as they approach the main entrance to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, California, a museum and hospital whose mission is to connect people with wildlife.  Three more pieces are part of the exhibition, including a biomorphic lime green bench that creeps along the ground and a backless bench with large wing elements that create a sense that it’s about to take flight.  An orange asymmetric love seat sits outside the animal hospital entrance.

Colin Selig designs and fabricates unique eco-friendly objects that range from functional seating and site furnishings to biomorphic sculpture. His work explores the boundary between sculpture and sustainable design with a modern aesthetic and a sense of whimsy.  His patented process of repurposing salvage propane tanks results in objects that contain 99% post-consumer reused content.   To view the whole range click here: Colin Selig

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Project Completion – Crescent Skillion Shelter

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of an Outside Products skillion roof Crescent Aluminium Shelter at boutique horse stable Taronnah located in Belrose, NSW.

The project involved the excavation of site and construction of a 7.5×4.5m concrete slab with steps along the front edge.

Moodie’s also supplied and installed the Gatta Setting and Seat with hardwood timber slats.

The end result speaks for itself. Looks like a beautiful place to sit and relax. To find out more please Contact Us today.