Eco T Bench

Roocycle EN Eco T Seat

Moodie Outdoor Products have been using recycled plastic extensively in projects for a number of years now. Known as Roocycle, the durability and zero maintenance qualities of this product make it an obvious choice for clients who are looking to do the job once, considering environmental choices, and do it right. In the process, they not only slash maintenance budgets but also help to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Woombye State School in QLD, have chosen 7 of our Eco T Benches for their grounds.  These seats are constructed from 511Kg of recycled plastic, which is saving of 8m3 of landfill.  To enable you to visualise this figure – it’s approximately 34 x 240 litre wheelie bins worth of waste material.

This is a valuable contribution towards saving our local environment through the use of recycled products.

Thermo Tree Grates

Tree Grate Thermo 29416 16x16 class B_3

The Thermo Tree Grate range from Moodie Outdoor Products is fully manufactured and assembled right here in Australia. The Thermo range covers many sizes and can be customised for your project.

Below are pictures sent in from a client who utilised a 600x600mm Thermo grate as a service access point for the base of their light poles. The surrounding area had new bitumen installed and the client still wanted to be able to access the base of the light pole. The end result not only looks great but provides a solution that is safe for the general public to walk on.

Thermo 600x600 Tree Grate

Thermo Tree Grates are supplied standard with heel safe slots, Class A load rating and non-slip coating. Load rating can be upgraded on request.

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Project Completion – Derby Cable Suspension Bridge

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 5

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a 63m clear span Cable Suspension Bridge for Dorset Council in Tasmania.

The bridge forms part of the BlueDerby mountain bike trails…the largest network of mountain bike trails currently in Australia. The bridge is just under 2m wide allowing for bike riders and pedestrians to easily pass each other by on the bridge.

All fabrication works for the bridge are completed in the factory and shipped to site. Fully engineered bridge abutments are installed before the bridge components are shipped to site. From there it is a matter of erecting the main portals and installing the main support cable from one side to the other. Once that is complete the bridge is constructed from one side to the other.

All steel work is hot dip galvanised and the bridge deck is installed using FRP mesh product.

As you can see from the pictures the bridge is functional and does not detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding environment!

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 6

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 4

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 3

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 2

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Flinders Fish Cleaning Station

Shelter Fish Cleaning Station Flinders 2

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of a Flinders Fish Cleaning Station at Chain Valley Bay on the Central Coast of NSW.

Shelter Fish Cleaning Station Flinders 3

The Flinders Fish Cleaning Shelter is pre-fabricated by Outside Products and is delivered to site in flat pack form. Installation is quick and easy meaning minimal interruption to the community. The shelter is constructed of hardwood timber, with 316SS fish cleaning table and colourbond roofing.

This particular shelter was connected to sewer for fish waste and to mains water for cleaning purposes. Once the structure was erected the shelter was painted to provide the desired look.

Shelter Fish Cleaning Station Flinders 1

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New range from Colin Selig

Assymetric Bench news

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the range of Artistic Sculptures and Site Furnishings from Colin Selig. Colin Selig’s work explores the boundary between sculpture and sustainable design. The objects he creates range from benches and other site furnishings to human scaled bio-morphic sculptures, all re-purposed from scrap propane tanks.

Mid Century Bench news


99% post-consumer reused (vs recycled) content

Among the greenest site furnishings available

Made with 6.5mm curved steel. A very sturdy structure is created when welded together.

Colin Selig Recycled 1

Regionally sourced scrap propane tanks are abundant due to strict regulations limiting their service life.

Colin Selig Recycled 3

The tanks are carefully dissected and the parts re-assembled with no additional reshaping. Upcycling has a dramatically smaller footprint than recycling.

Crab Bench news

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Project Completion – Roocycle Arris Rail Fence

Roocycle Arris ET Fence 1

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of this Roocycle ET Arris Rail Fence at Jellicoe Park – Pagewood, NSW.

The long lasting, maintenance free nature of Roocycle materials make them a great choice for fencing. This fence is sure to stand the test of time and has the added benefit of diverting waste materials that were destined for landfill. Galvanised steel infill panels were also installed on this fence.

Roocycle Arris ET Fence 2 Roocycle Arris ET Fence 3

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Transportable Restroom 1D2A – Mackay

Transportable Restroom 1D2A 1

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a Transportable 1D2A Restroom in Mackay, QLD.

The Transportable Restroom is the perfect solution for the client that wants to keep the installation impact to the local community as low as possible.

The Transportable Restroom is completely fitted out in our factory with all internal finishes, fittings and plumbing. The structure is then craned onto a truck and transported to site. The roof structure and external fittings are then added on once the restroom has been positioned. This greatly reduces installation times.

In the Factory

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Pre-Load 1

Site Preparation

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Install 1

Craned into Position

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Install 2

Finished Product

Transportable Restroom 1D2A 3

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Project Completion – Dalrymple 2D Restroom

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 1

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of an Outside Products Dalrymple 2D Restroom. This particular restroom was customised at the clients request to include dimpled stainless steel wall linings, auto timer door locking and painted impax panels for the exterior. As you can see from the pictures the completed installation is clean and classy!

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 3

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 5

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 2

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