New range from Colin Selig

Assymetric Bench news

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the range of Artistic Sculptures and Site Furnishings from Colin Selig. Colin Selig’s work explores the boundary between sculpture and sustainable design. The objects he creates range from benches and other site furnishings to human scaled bio-morphic sculptures, all re-purposed from scrap propane tanks.

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99% post-consumer reused (vs recycled) content

Among the greenest site furnishings available

Made with 6.5mm curved steel. A very sturdy structure is created when welded together.

Colin Selig Recycled 1

Regionally sourced scrap propane tanks are abundant due to strict regulations limiting their service life.

Colin Selig Recycled 3

The tanks are carefully dissected and the parts re-assembled with no additional reshaping. Upcycling has a dramatically smaller footprint than recycling.

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Project Completion – Roocycle Arris Rail Fence

Roocycle Arris ET Fence 1

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of this Roocycle ET Arris Rail Fence at Jellicoe Park – Pagewood, NSW.

The long lasting, maintenance free nature of Roocycle materials make them a great choice for fencing. This fence is sure to stand the test of time and has the added benefit of diverting waste materials that were destined for landfill. Galvanised steel infill panels were also installed on this fence.

Roocycle Arris ET Fence 2 Roocycle Arris ET Fence 3

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Transportable Restroom 1D2A – Mackay

Transportable Restroom 1D2A 1

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a Transportable 1D2A Restroom in Mackay, QLD.

The Transportable Restroom is the perfect solution for the client that wants to keep the installation impact to the local community as low as possible.

The Transportable Restroom is completely fitted out in our factory with all internal finishes, fittings and plumbing. The structure is then craned onto a truck and transported to site. The roof structure and external fittings are then added on once the restroom has been positioned. This greatly reduces installation times.

In the Factory

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Pre-Load 1

Site Preparation

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Install 1

Craned into Position

Transportable Restroom 1D2A Install 2

Finished Product

Transportable Restroom 1D2A 3

If you would like to find out more about the Transportable Restroom please Contact Us today!

Project Completion – Dalrymple 2D Restroom

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 1

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of an Outside Products Dalrymple 2D Restroom. This particular restroom was customised at the clients request to include dimpled stainless steel wall linings, auto timer door locking and painted impax panels for the exterior. As you can see from the pictures the completed installation is clean and classy!

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 3

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 5

Dalrymple 2D Restroom Cessnock 2

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Architectural Solar – Lights, Emergency Help Points, CCTV, Wifi Hotspots & Charging Stations

Valen Solar Street Light 4

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring  you the range of Architectural Solar Products manufactured by Valen Energy. Valen Energy has been operating in the USA since 2008 and are excited to bring their quality products to the Australian market.

Valen Solar Help Point 4

These unique products incorporate the solar panels into the vertical faces of the supporting posts. The range of products available include:

  • Lights – street lighting, area lighting, pathway lighting
  • CCTV Security – Fixed CCTV or PTZ Surveillance
  • Emergency Help Buttons – back to base emergency help buttons – ideal for remote locations
  • Wifi Hotspots
  • Device Charging Stations

Valen Solar Security PTZ Surveillance 3

Unique glass-less solar modules are used in these products increasing impact resistance by 10 times thus making these product highly vandal resistant. These products are backed by a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.

If you would like to find out more about incorporating these products into your next project please Contact Us today.

Timber Look Aluminium Slats for Street Furniture

City Seat Timber Aluminium 2

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied Cairns City Council with some City seats. Zero maintenance was high on the priority list for council. These City Seats were supplied with Aluminium Slats powder coated in a timber finish and will be sure to provide years of hassle free service. If they look this good in the factory i cant wait to see what they look like once installed!

City Seat Timber Aluminium 1

These slats can be fitted to most of the Seats that you see in our range. Contact Us today if you are interested.

Project Completion – Epping Aquatic Centre Roocycle Stairs

Epping Aquatic Roocycle Stairs 4

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of a set of stairs through the bush land near Epping Aquatic Centre in Epping, NSW.

Epping Aquatic Roocycle Stairs 3

Roocycle materials were utilised for their superior durability and zero maintenance qualities. For this project Roocycle ET was used for the sub-structure and the handrails. Roocycle EN was selected for the decking and was fitted with Ecoglo nosing which glows in the dark to aid with pedestrian safety.

Epping Aquatic Roocycle Stairs 2

The design was completed in house and installation was carried out by skilled local installers. This approach has been used numerous times by Moodie’s and could work well in all parts of Australia.

If you have a similar project in mind and would like to find out more please Contact Us today.

Fern Seat – Australian Made by Zebra

Fern Seat Roocycle EN 40x40 Slats 2

Moodie Outdoor Products has partnered with Zebra Street Furniture for over 20 years to provide high quality Australian made street furniture. The Fern Seat you see here was once upon a time voted the Most Comfortable Seat in the street furniture market.

Fern Seat Roocycle EN 40x40 Slats 3

Fully made and assembled in Australia this seat is of the highest quality. It is available with base plate or in-ground mounting options and arm rests. The Fern Seat pictured here was built with recycled wood plastic composite slats from our own range of Roocycle materials. The seat is also available with hardwood timber or aluminium slats.

Gatta Seat Aluminium Timber 1

To view the full range of offerings from Zebra please click here: Zebra