Anti-terror Impact Protection

Impact Protection Planter 1

With the release of the Australian Government’s anti-terror deterrent for public spaces, the viability of bollards, seating, planter boxes and other public space infrastructure is taking centre stage in all major cities around Australia. Moodie Outdoor Products has a large range of products available to allow designers of public spaces to seamlessly integrate these into the landscape. All of these items can be viewed here: Impact Protection


An example of such a product is the Magnum Planter. Used for higher level protection than our conventional planters with barrier forms. Lightweight planters are utilised and once placed the concrete is installed into the planter to provide the impact protection.


  • Tested to stop a 6,800kg vehicle moving at 80km/h
  • Made of GFRC lightweight concrete embedded in the ground with rebar
  • After the rebar is inserted, the Magnum Planter is filled with soil and ready mix concrete

Impact Protection Magnum Planter 1


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by Clint Moodie