Modular Furniture

Moodie Outdoor Products has a large range of Modular Furniture. We have recently created a category on the website specifically for this type of furniture to bring it all together. This type of furniture allows the designer to easily piece together a streetscape that will be able to meet any challenge the landscape brings.

Want to protect a tree but incorporate a bench seat? Too easy.

Mago xl755-TETRIS-O-PLUS_1

Want flowing curves? No problem.

Mago Tippy Bench Seat 4

Want a planter with your bench seat? Done!

Street Furniture Urban GFRC Bench & Planter 1

9810 ability instagram_02

Want something unique? Here you go!

Moonako Banner Home Page Modular Outdoor Indoor Furniture Arabesque 13 Modular Outdoor Indoor Furniture Arabesque 7

To check out he full range please follow this link: Modular Furniture

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by Clint Moodie