01 AbilityRetain – Corten Steel Retaining Wall

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AbilityRetain is a modular Corten Steel retaining wall system that allows you to quickly install retaining walls in your garden. The panels even come pre-rusted so that you don’t have to wait the 6 to 8 weeks for the rusty look that comes with other corten retaining wall/edging systems.

AbilityRetain is perfect for low level retaining walls that do not require engineering approval. Installation is quick and easy, as star pickets are utilised. However, AbilityRetain can be used with the normal concrete footing methods associated with retaining walls. If you do require a higher retaining wall that will need engineering approval…AbilityRetain can still be used…please contact us for recommendations on installation methods.

Low Retaining Walls (2 levels max)- use panels in conjunction with star pickets for extremely fast retaining wall installation.

High Retaining Walls Рuse panels in conjunction with heavy duty posts concreted into the ground.


Recycled Plastic, Roocycle