Grounded25 – EPDM Softfall

Moodie Outdoor Products is the exclusive sales agent for Grounded25. Please contact us for all your EPDM safety surface needs.

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Grounded25 is a state of the art EPDM granule product, specified and designed by Aussies for Aussie conditions.

Grounded25 EPDM granule product is cured with food grade peroxide and therefore comes free of the toxic smells associated with sulphur cured products.

Grounded25 is the premium softfall EPDM granule. It is coloured through the full thickness of the granule to provide high resistance to UV light, wear and fading.


EPDM Rubber Safety Surface 4

Grounded25 EPDM granules are independently tested to ensure the quality and specifications of the product are up to standard.

Grounded25 Specifications

Grounded25 EPDM Rubber Safety Surface Specs

Grounded25 Colour Range

The colour range incorporates 19 stunning colours. By combining colour and particle size, it is simple to create a natural looking surface, or in contrast, a bright vibrant play area.

Grounded25 Colour Chart




Grounded25 comes with 1 year product warranty.


EPDM Rubber Safety Surface Binder 1

Moodie Outdoor Products can provide recommendations on the binder to use when laying Grounded25.

Please also contact us for other ‘ground surface’ products such as 3D EPDM play items and EPDM safety tiles.