Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Works with bottles (with dispensing pump) of hydroalcoholic gel available in the market.
Universal. It can host most bottles with capacity between 500 ml. and 1.000 ml. (for bottles, rectangular or round, with diameter or base between 50 and 120 mm and height between 170 and 290 mm.

Maximum safety and hygiene by avoiding the risk of contagion by contact in massive use, since there is no hand contact with the dispenser. The dose is administered by pressing the pedal.

The dispenser comes with one bottle of 1.000 ml with dispensing pump (empty, without hydrogel). However, since the dispenser is UNIVERSAL (not captive), it can be used with other hydrogel bottles available on the market (which conform to the dimensions indicated on this datasheet.

This dispenser is self-standing (it doesn’t need to be anchored to the floor). In case wanted, it can also be anchored to the floor by screws (not included) through the holes that the base incorporates.

Made of galvanized steel (1, 1´5, 2 y 3mm). and cold rolled steel (6mm.)
It includes a thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish.

Suitable to be used indoor.