002 Impact Bollard Covers

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Lightweight GFRC Bollards and Decorative Bollard Covers – are durable, lightweight hollow structures suitable for decorative use where movement control is required. Some designs may be used as decorative covers for ugly steel pipe bollards where impact protection is required.


  • Eight bollards design styles available
  • Easy to install with two mounting options for the bollard designs
  • Available in a number of GFRC textures and colours
  • Slips over anchored steel post bollards
  • Available for security barrier protection

Standard Bollard Designs

Impact Protection Bollard Cover 4

Mounting Options for Bollards

  1. Mounting for decorative and pedestrian uses – most easily accomplished with urethane based permanent adhesive.
  2. Moutning for medium security locations (covering pipe bollards) – cover a 150mm diameter pipe anchored in concrete. Urethane based permanent adhesive to seal the bollard cover to the surface.
  3. Mounting for high security locations (maximum stopping power) – the American Separtment of Defence Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers ASTM 2656 Standard requires the ability to stop a 4500lb (2045kg) vehicle moving at 35mph (56km/h). Use steel pipe anchored into concrete to achieve this and then cover with the high-security bollard cover and use urethane based permanent adhesive to seal to the ground.

Impact Protection Bollard Cover 5


Impact Protection Bollard Cover 6

Material Finishes and Colours

GFRC Finishes

GFRC Colours