003 Impact Protection Barrier Planter

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The Impact Protection Barrier Planter allow for attractive, pre-cast planters to be shipped to site, and the barrier to be cast in place with local premix concrete.


  • Fits inside round, square or rectangular planter collections to prevent unwanted vehicle access
  • Can be anchored into concrete below (for additional security) or stand alone
  • Prepare the planter on site, fill the form with concrete. Once cured, fill with soil and then plant out.

Impact Protection Planter 4

Barrier Planters

  • Allow an actual increase in weight, over precast planters. Hidden barrier adds approximately 680kgs per metre.
  • Provides additional protection from larger vehicles because the barrier diverts a crashing vehicle up into the air.
  • Reduce freight costs because mass and weight is added in-situ.
  • Lightweight GFRC planters are light enough to be handled easily saving time and expense associated with heavier equipment for conventional precast concrete products
  • Barrier planters are permanent once the concrete has been poured.
  • All standard finishes and colours are available.


The Barrier Planter can be easily upgraded to an enhanced barrier by simply anchoring the rebar cage into the supporting concrete slab. With 0.75″ diameter reinforcing dowels an additional 4,500kgs of resistance is added for every 300mm of barrier. With 1.25″ diameter dowel the resistance increases to 13,600kgs for every 660mm of barrier.

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While Barrier Planters are more efficient when anchored to the slab below, they still provide formidable defence and security even when standing alone.

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