Moodie IS Infina Umbrella

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Why are you always looking at the least attractive side of an umbrella? Why are the soft lines of the canvas disturbed by the busyness of ribs and stretchers?

The unique new INFINA umbrella proves that it does not have to be this way. The clever design by European designer Dirk Wynants places the umbrella ribs on the topside of the canopy so that from underneath all that is visible is fabric. Even on the topside, the ribs are hidden by long fabric pockets that give the umbrella a truly distinctive appearance. Coupled with a minimalist heavy umbrella base stand with a brushed aluminium finish, the Infina umbrella proves that “Minimalism is not a lack of something, it is simply the perfect amount of something”.


Infina 3.5m Round (includes protective cover)


Infina 40kg Base

Infina extra weight (20kg) for Base

Wheel set for Infina Base


  • Designed & manufactured in Europe
  • Unique design featuring ribs on the topside of the canopy, hidden by full length fabric pockets
  • Easy rope & cleat opening mechanism
  • Rope hides away inside mast when umbrella is opened to maintain the clean and uncluttered look
  • Aluminium frame means no rust, no paint to flake, no timber to weather and crack
  • Quality canvas is UV and fade resistant
  • Perfect match to contemporary outdoor furniture settings



  • Lightweight anodized aluminium frame is rust free and will enable you to move it easily.
  • The warranty on the frame is 3 years.
  • Easy-action rope & cleat mechanism makes closing and opening this umbrella a breeze
  • Movable bases with no installation required – optional wheels also available


  • High quality Olefin outdoor canvas
  • UV-resistant & fade resistant
  • Standard colours: White, Natural, Taupe and Black
  • 3 Year Warranty on fabric

Available Colours:

cafe style market umbrella colour swatches

Dimensions 390 x 390 x 400 cm