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Macleod – all timber construction, skillion roof with alternative waste management system.

Function & Maintenance of Waste Holding Tank (WHT)
The following information will help you to understand how the WHT system is set up, how it
functions and how to maintain the system.

The WHT is a wet system. The ‘holding tank’ needs to be charged with potable water. In remote
areas non potable water can be utilised, however; you will need to talk with us prior to doing this.

Initial water required for a 5,000 ltr WHT is a minimum of 600 litres. The aim of the system is to
maintain all waste in liquid form.

We recommend the use of Triple 7 Odour Control. Triple 7 Odour Control interacts with the liquid
to prevent odour occurring.

The frequency for emptying the WHT is determined by both visual inspection and calculations of
uses per day per litres of water. (see examples on Management Plan Draft). Visual weekly checking
by the janitor or cleaner is the usual method. You need to be doing some spot checking of the liquid
waste heights to ensure the waste doesn’t reach the dropper tube. (This is a safety check to ensure the
waste contractor has not missed the allocated maintenance call).

The pump out port for the 5000 WHT is located inside the building. There is a lock arrangement on
the pump out port.

Waste removal is by a licensed waste removal contractor. These contractors must have the capacity
to deliver potable water to site concurrent with the waste removal. We recommend that the holding
tank is replenished with some new water (so that there is a minimum of 600 ltrs left in the tank)
following each emptying & ‘disposal of waste’.

Our maintenance program requires the Waste Holding Tank system is given a weekly 300 ml
treatment of Triple 7 Odour Control. This is required to keep odours at bay.

Failure to comply with the management plan, water placement, waste removal and odour control
specifications will result in a disappointing, smelly restroom that reflects badly on managers and
system providers.

Triple 7 Odour Control can be purchased one of two ways…..either from your sales representative at
Moodie Outdoor Products Pty Ltd.

Standard Specifications
* Compliant to AS1428.1-2009, Design for Access and Mobility.
* CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles apply.
* Pre-cut colorbond custom orb roof cladding – XRW grade.
* Opaque polycarbonate light panels over each cubicle.
* Pre-cut colorbond custom orb internal and external wall cladding.
* Steel – Hot dipped galvanised and powder coated finish.
* Timber – LOSP treated, plantation grown Hoop Pine, Wattyl oil based stain finish.
* Aluminium screens with powdercoat finish above external and dividing walls.
* Class 4 galvanised fixings through out.
* Stainless steel basins with timed lever taps for disabled compliance.
* Stainless steel disabled compliant pans with fully shrouded pipework.
* Padded back rests to disabled pans.
* Wall mounted flush button with half flush control and in-duct cisterns.
* Stainless steel shelf over each basin.
* Lockable stainless steel toilet roll holders.
* Visual and tactile signage.
* Disabled rails to cubicles and ambulant rails to ambulant cubicles.
* Door hardware (automatic closer, indicator latch, pull handle, push plate).
* Deadlock to service duct door.
* Choice of in ground or bolt down post design.
* Footing design and setout plan.
* Designed for maximum Ultimate Wind Speed of 50m/s (N3 Category, Region B1) (Standard).
* BA drawings and Structural Certification.
* 10 year structural warranty.
* Choice of inground or bolt down posts.
* Fold down baby change table.
* Fold down carers seat to disabled cubicle.
* Additional basins and taps.
* Upgrade basins to Knee Operated with fully shrouded pipework.
* Urinals and showers.
* Internal and External cladding options include; Impax vandal resistant board, Shadowclad, Texture 2000, Smooth Plywood, Hardwood
Weather Boards, Mini Orb.
* Cyclonic wind loading.

Floor Plan

1D, 1D-1A, 1D-2A, 1D-4A, 2D, 2D-2A, 2D-4A, 2D-6A