Boggabri Skate Park

Skate 3

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the supply and install of  a Skate Park in the rural town of Boggabri. The Skate Park modules allowed the community of Boggabri to design their own Skate Park layout with input from the local youth. The park included Quarter Pipes, Flat Banks, Spine Ramps, Transition Platform, Transition Wedge Spine Ramp and Centre Slide Rail. The skate park was a collaboration between the Boggabri Rotary Club and Narrabri Council.

Skate 1

Once the slab had been completed the Skate modules were delivered on the back of 2 semi-trailers. Installation was completed across 3 days with each module carefully hoisted into place by crane. Careful attention was paid to the ‘transition zone’ to ensure a smooth transition from the slab onto the skate modules.

Skate 2

To find out more about the range of skate modules available from Moodie Outdoor Products click the following link: Moodie Skate Modules


Modular Skate Parks


Available from Moodie Outdoor Products are Modular Skate Parks. Modular skate ramps have been used to create over 60 skate parks in 35 council areas throughout Australia. Skatepark layouts limited only by your imagination.

Modules are made in varying shapes and sizes to accommodate different skill levels, from novice right through to expert. One of the most important features of these modules is that the skateparks can be varied and changed, modules can be added, deleted or moved.


Features and Benefits

There are numerous advantages to be gained by using modular ramps instead of insitu castings:

  • Expandable
  • Cost saving
  • Movable/removable
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Controllable formats for competitions
  • Virtually seamless transition between units
  • Consistent profiles, surface finish and overall quality
  • Low environmental impact; coloured concrete available to order

The Transition Zone Nosing

One of the most critical areas on a skateboard ramp is the transition zone from flat to ramp. If this is uneven or prone to wear, it creates the potential for serious falls and injury. Wherever possible the modular ramps incorporate a machine formed metal transition nose as part of the concrete casting, thus minimising the need for polymer fill to smooth the transition.

Transition Zone

To see the full range of modules avaiolable please follow the link: Modular Skate Ramp

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