Mago Urban

Mago Urban are dedicated manufactures of high quality products, using environmentally friendly processes and adapted to the clients’ needs. More than 50% of Mago’s  production confirms the success of these products in international markets.

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X-Last are manufactures one of the safest, most durable, flexible and resistant bollards available on the market. X-Last’s objective is to help you to redesign your streets to make them safer, more practical, more modern and attractive.

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Zebra Street Furniture

Family owned and operated in Australia, Zebra Street Furniture has been a leader in designing and manufacturing stylish, functional outdoor and street furniture for over 15 years.

The product range includes benches, bollards, tables, seats, litter bins and tree guards.

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Columbia Cascade

Columbia Cascade has been committed to producing strong and beautiful eco-friendly site furniture since its inception. All of our products and finishes are made from non-toxic materials and our factory and offices are operated and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Outside Products

Outside Products specialise in design, engineering and fabrication of public use structures with a strong focus on customising designs to specific needs and specifications.

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Dynamo Playgrounds

Dynamo playgrounds ignites the idea that you never dreamt possible for your community park. Our future designs come into play from your imagination. Dynamo’s creative games help develop unforgettable childhood memories worldwide. Let’s build amazing things together.

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Moonako edits and manufactures furniture for the creation of living spaces and hospitality areas in public-access establishments. Theatres and cinemas, schools and universities, shops, leisure centres, museums and libraries, stations and airports, hotels and restaurants, gardens and open-air attractions. With subtle and contemporary design, its collections combine quality of use and quality of materials.

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Tournesol Siteworks

Tournesol Siteworks is the company between landscape and architecture. If you want landscape on a building, we’ve got solutions to make it possible.

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Galopin has now become the leading company in design and production of outdoor playground equipment. We are growing rapidly through continued international expansion as a result of having the most original products available in the industry.

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EUROmodul is the leading street furniture , advertising equipment and containers manufacturer in South East Europe. With our range of products, we are also one of the biggest. Our products can be found in the streets and city squares all over the world.

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Esteva are manufactures of high quality street and landscape products. Visit Esteva’s website to see the full range of products available.

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Colin Selig

Colin Selig’s work explores the boundary between sculpture and sustainable design. The objects he creates range from benches and other site furnishings to human scaled biomorphic sculptures, all repurposed from scrap propane tanks.

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Erlau is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent solutions for public spaces. The company’s range of open space equipment extends from outdoor furniture and waste bins to bicycle stands. Erlau open space equipment provides comfort, cleanliness and safety. Erlau products meet even the toughest requirements to set standards for ergonomics and accessibility in public spaces.

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Solar Bollard Lighting

Solar Bollard Lighting are manufactures of high quality solar products. Visit Solar Bollard Lighting’s website to see the full range of products available.

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