Shade Sail Design and Installation

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the design, supply and installation of a Shade Sail over a new playground at John Wearne Reserve in Carlingford, NSW.

3D modelling software was used to design the shade sail. This gives us the ability to check the shade casting of the sail at various times of the day and year. Using this method we are able to adjust the position and heights of the post to maximise shade output.

In total the shade measured 98 m2. Commercial 95 shademesh was used in conjunction with square steel posts with vandal proof discs. The sail was eventually installed over the new ‘teepee’ play equipment (supplied by others).

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Twist Roof CustomSpec Restroom Installation

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the design, supply and installation of a CustomSpec Restroom for John Wearne Reserve in Carlingford, NSW.

The 1D1A restroom featured the following customisations:

  • Constructed from grey besser blocks with white ironed flush uniform joints and painted with two coats of clear/mat finish anti‚Äźgraffiti coating
  • Floor tiles in cubicles with 1 x skirting tile.
  • Solar powered, electronic auto timer locks with 240V auto back up
  • Architectural twisted to roof to match other structures in park.
  • Baby change table to accessible cubicle.
  • SS pans , wash basin included in accessible cubicle.

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Project Completion – Karruba Boat Ramp

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the upgrade of Karruba Boat Ramp in North Sydney. The old concrete ramp had dangerous access for watercraft and was upgraded with a fully engineered and certified boat ramp structure made from Roocycle and FRP.

Original boat access ramp
Roocycle ET Sub-structure

The Roocycle ET sub-floor structure was constructed with 316SS post shoes and with 316SS cantilevered structure extending into the harbour to provide better access at lower tides.

The sub-structure was topped with non-slip FRP Mini-mesh. A set of stairs was constructed to one side of the ramp and a 316SS handrail was included.

The end result is a functional boat access ramp that will provide years of service. If you would like help with a similar project please Contact Us today.

HD Table Tennis Table

Moodie Outdoor Products recently installed the HD Table Tennis Table for a school at Stuartholme School in Brisbane, QLD.

The HD Table is a heavy duty offering. The curved design of the table means no sharp edges and it helps improve overall strength of the table. It can support up to 1600kg! The HD table is backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

To view the full range of outdoor table tennis tables click here: Table Tennis

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Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied these AbilityBenches to a project in St Leonards, NSW. Built on the basis of the Abilitybox system exclusive to Moodie Outdoor Products these benches were made using Roocycle EN slats. With both of these items in stock the benches were supplied with minimal lead time!

These benches can be supplied in a number of configurations with the choice of different slat materials. Some of these are shown below.

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Aged care facility furniture and BBQ

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied a range of seats, settings and a BBQ to an aged care facility on the NSW south coast.

A new product known as the Crescent setting was utlised in the outdoor Rec Room next to the Build In BBQ.
Vancouver Seats and Chairs were installed throughout the grounds.
A Build in BBQ was also supplied for the outdoor rec room.

Roocycle slats were used on all items to reduce maintenance requirements.

The end result looks great! To find out about any of these items please Contact Us today.

Eureka Nowra Litter Bin Enclosure

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied and installed these Eureka Nowra Litter Bin Enclosures.

The Eureka Nowra enclosure can be configured with different hood types depending on the application. The pictured bins used WPC slat materials. The cladding material can be customised to a degree (i.e. timber, perforated sheet, decorative panels).

Pictured enclosures are to suit 120L wheelie bins. Size can be adjusted to suit any wheelie bin.

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GroundArt Installation

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of some GroundArt in a school courtyard.

The thermoplastic markings are ‘melted’ into place to provide a long lasting non-slip ground marking.

The installation has transformed the plain asphalt courtyard into a bright playspace that can allow for educational play!

There is a catalogue of over 50 available designs. Visit the product page for more details: GroundArt

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Bellitalia – Beautiful Street Furniture

Moodie Outdoor Products is the exclusive agent for Bellitalia in Australia. We have been refreshing the concrete and polished marble aggregate offerings from Bellitalia on our website. More will be added in the near future. Please view them here: Bellitalia

To view the full range please visit the Bellitalia website:

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