Benefits of using FRP materials for custom projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has extensive experience in combining diverse materials for your custom project, including our Roocycle recycled materials, FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer), along with traditional metal, wood and plastic materials.

FRP bridge over small creek

In this article, we look at the benefits of working with FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) and possible applications in outdoor infrastructure products.

Safety and maintenance

FRP members are extremely strong and have a long history of use in public infrastructure. The material doesn’t suffer fatigue or corrosion effects leading to a long life-span. These aspects contribute to a high engineering safety level.

FRP has a reputation for low maintenance costs, an important consideration over the life-time of a public infrastructure installation. FRP is not affected by UV radiation, temperature changes, or marine environments. FRP has vandal resistant qualities as well.


FRP products can be assembled on-site or arrive factory assembled. FRP members are easily drilled and normal hardware can be used to connect members together. FRP is light-weight which may lead to other cost savings in terms of site preparation. FRP is also a good sustainable material to choose.

Applications in public infrastructure projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has delivered custom projects solely in FRP, as well as integrating FRP with recycled plastic and traditional materials. Our capabilities cover:

Pedestrian and bicycle bridges

Pedestrian access ramps


Boat ramps



Read more about Moodie Outdoor Products FRP custom project capability. If your project requires it, we can coordinate engineer approved drawings and certifications.

Please contact Moodie Outdoor Products for further information on FRP and to discuss your next custom project.

by Neal Moodie