Custom park elements complement a nature-themed play area

Solid shade structure with coloured translucent panels surrounded by toadstool styled rubber seats.

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied two custom park elements for a nature themed play area at Shark Park, Cronulla, NSW. The plans required a colourful solid shade structure that would be surrounded by seats covered by rubber softfall in the shape of red toadstools.

Colourful shade structure with translucent petal shaped roof panels surrounded by red toadstools integrated within a broader nature play themed playground.

In addition to supplying custom spec products, Moodie Outdoor Products supplied the giant shark themed play structure suited to toddler ages. The giant shark measured 9m length and 2.5m width, and stood at over 4m height.

Giant shark themed play unit embedded within a broader nature themed play area.

To find out more about these custom park elements or details about this project, please do not hesitate to Contact Us today.

by Neal Moodie