Rubber Safety Surface Refurbishment

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the refurbishment of a dilapidated rubber safety surface under an existing playground in Redfern, NSW.

The safety surface was showing cracks and crumbling due to age. The new surfacing has bought the playground area back to life and will allow it to provide entertainment for many more years to come.

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Grounded 25 EPDM

EPDM Safety Surface Marulan 9

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of an EPDM safety surface for a play area in a childcare centre. Grounded25 EPDM  was chosen as the material of choice for its UV stability and superior colour fastness (from both fading and wear and tear).

Softfall was installed under the EPDM wear layer to provide the cushioning. Fall heights were taken into consideration and appropriate thicknesses of softfall were installed.

EPDM Safety Surface Marulan 13

A mixture of 3 different colours was chosen to create an interesting surface that the kids at the childcare centre will enjoy for many years to come.

EPDM Safety Surface Marulan 23

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Cool25 – Premium EPDM Softfall

EPDM Rubber Safety Surface 3

Cool25 EPDM softfall is another exciting and exclusive product in our premium Moodie Outdoor Products playspace range. Cool25 adds top quality to playspaces, it’s sincerely acknowledged and extremely well received by leading pioneers of the softfall industry.

EPDM Rubber Safety Surface 7

Cool25 is a state of the art EPDM rubber granule for designer playspaces, it is intricately specified and designed by Aussies for Aussie conditions. Cool25 is acknowledged as Australia’s most cost effective premium quality EPDM softfall, making Cool25 a playspace leader for softfall designers.

EPDM Rubber Safety Surface 5

With large Cool25 stock in Sydney, Perth and quickly growing nationally, we are able to supply our state of the art quality EPDM rubber to anywhere in Australia. We also welcome the opportunity to quote on project lots delivering direct to your project location.


EPDM Rubber Safety Surface 4

Cool25 EPDM granules are independently tested to ensure the quality and specifications of the product are up to standard.

Cool25 Specifications

EPDM Rubber Safety Surface Specs

Cool25 Colour Range

Cool25 is coloured throughout the full thickness of the granule with premium components, ultimately guaranteeing premium quality resistance to UV light, wear and fading. Simply combine colours from the stunning range below to create a natural look, or in contrast be brave and bold, make a statement with a bright vibrant playspace. If you need designer assistance, ask for DeanO, our principal softfall designer.

Cool25 Colour Chart


Cool25 comes with 1 year product warranty.

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