AusCast Concrete Spheres

Moodie Outdoor Products recently a number of concrete spheres to a project in Fremantle, WA. The spheres were supplied with the rough bush hammer finish and were coated on site by the client. The end result looks great!

These spheres are supplied with a steel spigot protruding from the bottom that allows them to be anchored into the ground. The spheres are available in the following diameters: 300mm, 450mm and 750mm.

To view the whole range of pre-cast concrete products available please click here: AusCast

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X-Last Flexible Bollards

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied a number of X-Last Flexible Bollards to a project in Perth, WA.

The bollards we installed in a car park. These flexible bollards are perfect for this application. If they do managed to get knocked they will spring back to their vertical resting position and will not require replacement like a traditional steel bollard.

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Product Focus: SBL Solar Bollards

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the original VANDAL RESISTANT Solar Bollard. This new solar light is maintenance free and offers a range of different power models to ensure 365 day operation in any condition except for where there is no direct sunshine at all. Starting from our 75mA power systems and require under 2 hours of daily exposure to fully recharge from a 15 hour runtime time right up to our 210mA variant.

Darwin Harbour Day & Night Images

DarwinFloatingWalkwayDay    DarwinFloatingWalkwayNight

As you can see the results are impressive! But how can it be VANDAL RESISTANT? Please watch the video below to see how the Solar Bollard withstands vandalism.

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Moodie SBL Product Range 2015

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Retractable recoverable Bollard by X-Last

Moodie Outdoor Products is pleased to announce the release of a new X-Last Bollard. The Ret model of bollard is a fully flexible and recoverable bollard that retracts into the ground to allow for ease of access.


The video below shows the operation of the Ret bollard and demonstrates the durability of the product!

For more details view the “RET – Retractable Bollard” product page or Contact Us at Moodie Outdoor Products for a quote.