Quality products for aged care villages

Moodie Outdoor Products has an extensive range of specifically designed products for aged care villages. Our range of high quality and attractive products suit village garden and amenity areas where comfort, style, and convenience is highly valued by the residents.

Garden seating: The Executive Aged seat and Gatta Aged seat are both designed to comply with aged care residential standard (AS1428.2 1992). The seat slats are offered in Roocycle recycled plastic materials, as well as traditional timber.

The Gatta Aged seat with recycled plastic slats.

Whole of facility furniture: Style the whole aged care residency with our range of Fulco System products. Offering distinctive styling and high quality finishes, the Fulco range offers seats, benches and bins in single styles or mix-match with complementary styles.

The Fulco System product range has various styles of benches, seats and bins.

Modular, lightweight indoor and outdoor furniture: For indoor spaces, use our Moonako modular indoor furniture to provide functional organic shaped bench seats. For outdoor spaces, use our Sereno range of benches, planters to create inclusive and illuminating spaces that are easy to re-organise for each event.

Sereno Enea bench seating school modular
Configure the light-weight Sereno Enea bench into any inclusive arrangement

Community recreation areas: Our large chess piece sets are an ideal option to turn a static area into a fun active area. Outdoor table tennis tables also provide low impact game options for residents and families. Setup veggie garden beds using our eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits.

Giant chess games provide an opportunity for games of strategy between older and younger generations.

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eWood recycled plastic garden beds for community programs

Moodie Outdoor Products is the primary distributor of eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits and edging products.

eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits available in a range of sizes and are easy to assemble

With increasing interest in using recycled plastic materials as an alternative to non-sustainable materials, the eWood range of garden products is an ideal option for many residential and community projects.

With community kitchen programs such as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation encouraging local and community based gardens to improve outcomes for food education and garden productivity. The eWood garden bed kits are an ideal solution to kick-start these projects with a sustainable, non-toxic, long-lasting material.

The eWood garden bed kits are supplied with all materials pre-drilled and only requires basic tools to assemble the eWood garden beds. The garden bed kits can be stacked on each other to attain a higher garden bed level. Most sized garden bed dimensions can be achieved by combining multiple sized kits together.

eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits are supplied with pre-drilled holes and screws.

What is eWood?

eWood® is a unique plastic wood made from the recycled mixed plastics of products previously destined for landfill such as: computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment, car parts and printer cartridges.

Visit the eWood online store now and order direct.

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Ideas for school end-of-year leaving gifts

We often receive enquiries from students and school administrators looking for ideas on products suitable as end of year gifts to their school from departing Year 12 or Year 6 students.

Here is a list of popular school products available from Moodie Outdoor Products to get the ideas started:

  • Outdoor Table Tennis Tables
  • FUTTOC table for improving ball and soccer skills
  • Sereno Enea modular bench seating
  • Solar-powered device charging benches and shelters
  • Planter and veggie patch containers

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables provide an interactive play option within the playground that are designed for durability and longevity.

Outdoor Table Tennis Table for school playgrounds durable long-lasting quality
An Outdoor Table Tennis Table can provide a dynamic activity-based option for the school playground that is durable and long-lasting for future students.

Having a FUTTOC table provides a dynamic game and activity options for students to improve their ball and soccer skills.

FUTTOC tables in an outdoor play area to provide opportunities for students to improve their ball and soccer skills and coordination.

These Sereno Enea benches provide a modular and flexible seating upgrade option for your school playground areas.

Sereno Enea bench seating school modular
The Sereno Enea bench seating offers a modular and flexible option for school playgrounds.

Solar-powered device charging benches and shelters are a great way to provide a long-lasting and renewable energy option for our next generation of students.

The stylish SEDI bench and shelter range are solar-powered and offer device charging and Wi-Fi options.

Our range of planters and veggie patch products offer configuration options to support sustainable initiatives within the school environment.

Our Abilitybox range of planter boxes offer a sturdy and flexible range of size and layout options.

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Abilitybox Garden Beds

Abilitybox Garden Beds 1

In 2015, Moodie Outdoor Products supplied and installed these Abilitybox Garden Beds to an art gallery in the Hunter Valley. Above is a recent pic of the installation. The mix of Corten and Galvanised Steel panels certainly creates a striking combination. The middle bed was customised to create a bench seat. Looks like a great place to grow veggies or even to just take a seat and soak up the surroundings.

To find out more about the Abilitybox system please click here: Abilitybox

Product Focus – eWood Garden Bed Kits

eWood Kit

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to present you the eWood DIY Raised Garden Bed Kits. The eWood Kits are built tough to last! They are resistant to rot, insect damage, UV and moisture, and therefore have a long-life with low maintenance.

eWood is a functional and sustainable material which is:
  • 100% Australian,
  • 95% recycled and
  • 100% recyclable

eWood is a unique plastic wood made from mixed plastics previously destined for landfill such as; computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment and car parts. eWood is Non toxic – meaning no chemicals like CCA treated timber, no leaching and degradation over time.

eWood has a superior life span, it is guaranteed for 10 years and is believed to have a life span of decades.
eWood Kit 1
The raised garden bed kits are modular and can be stacked to the desired height. Panel lengths are available in the following sizes:
  • 1200mm
  • 1000mm
  • 600mm
  • 300mm

Use a combination of these panels to build your garden bed the desired size. Joiner packs are also available meaning that you can create larger garden beds.

eWood Kit 2

All panels are pre-drilled and come ready to assemble with only a phillips head screwdriver requried.

If you would like to find out more about the eWood range of products please do not hesitate to Contact Us today.