Custom park elements complement a nature-themed play area

Solid shade structure with coloured translucent panels surrounded by toadstool styled rubber seats.

Moodie Outdoor Products recently supplied two custom park elements for a nature themed play area at Shark Park, Cronulla, NSW. The plans required a colourful solid shade structure that would be surrounded by seats covered by rubber softfall in the shape of red toadstools.

Colourful shade structure with translucent petal shaped roof panels surrounded by red toadstools integrated within a broader nature play themed playground.

In addition to supplying custom spec products, Moodie Outdoor Products supplied the giant shark themed play structure suited to toddler ages. The giant shark measured 9m length and 2.5m width, and stood at over 4m height.

Giant shark themed play unit embedded within a broader nature themed play area.

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Benefits of using FRP materials for custom projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has extensive experience in combining diverse materials for your custom project, including our Roocycle recycled materials, FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer), along with traditional metal, wood and plastic materials.

FRP bridge over small creek

In this article, we look at the benefits of working with FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) and possible applications in outdoor infrastructure products.

Safety and maintenance

FRP members are extremely strong and have a long history of use in public infrastructure. The material doesn’t suffer fatigue or corrosion effects leading to a long life-span. These aspects contribute to a high engineering safety level.

FRP has a reputation for low maintenance costs, an important consideration over the life-time of a public infrastructure installation. FRP is not affected by UV radiation, temperature changes, or marine environments. FRP has vandal resistant qualities as well.


FRP products can be assembled on-site or arrive factory assembled. FRP members are easily drilled and normal hardware can be used to connect members together. FRP is light-weight which may lead to other cost savings in terms of site preparation. FRP is also a good sustainable material to choose.

Applications in public infrastructure projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has delivered custom projects solely in FRP, as well as integrating FRP with recycled plastic and traditional materials. Our capabilities cover:

Pedestrian and bicycle bridges

Pedestrian access ramps


Boat ramps



Read more about Moodie Outdoor Products FRP custom project capability. If your project requires it, we can coordinate engineer approved drawings and certifications.

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Project completion – custom walkway to bridge connection

Moodie Outdoor Products successfully designed and installed a custom walkway and bridge connection in Granville, NSW. Walkway was constructed using Roocycle recycled plastic as bearers, and FRP for the joists and decking.

Custom walkway made from Roocycle recycled plastic bearers and FRP joists and decks with cycle rails.

The site was challenging being situated alongside a storm water channel. The soil was loose fill and required screw pier foundations down to as much as 6 metres to meet engineers specifications. The bicycle compliant rail was a Moddex galvanised steel BS45 bike rail balustrade.

Cycleway transition onto FRP decking
Bridge connection with curved cycle compliant railing.

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Custom restroom installation at Sturt Park, Telopea

Moodie Outdoor Products successfully installed a custom Outside Products restroom and storage shed at Sturt Park, Telopea. The restroom brief included design of two lockable maintenance equipment storage areas that was to be integrated into the twin toilet blocks.

Custom restroom with Gull Wing roof style to enable covered seating area between the two toilet blocks.

The custom spec included:

  • 1D3A restrooms with Gull Wing roof style
  • ‘NewTechWood’ Wood Plastic Composite cladding on exterior walls in teak colour
  • Steel frame powdercoated in black colour
  • Impax panels on internal walls, painted in natural white colour

To view all our past custom projects please visit CustomSpec Restrooms

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Fitness equipment park layouts for the whole community

Moodie Outdoor Products now offers a variety of fitness equipment park layouts manufactured by Park Kent, a leading manufacturer in Europe.

Park Kent fitness equipment layouts include a variety of dynamic and static stations.

The unique fitness park concepts are made from durable materials to suit coastal and inland environments. The range includes two styles for able-bodied usage, and an accessible range of equipment. Several ready-made layouts are available, or you can customise to suit your space needs.

Park Kent fitness equipment 13 pieces
Example of a 13-station outdoor fitness equipment park, manufactured by Park Kent.

Contact us to learn more about installing a unique range of fitness equipment at your location.

Custom design bench in Rose Bay

Moodie Outdoor Products recently delivered the design and installation of this unique custom bench seat at Rose Bay for Woollahra Council. Using recycled plastic material and integrating the bench design with planter boxes, this bench seat adds some flair to the bustling shopping strip.

Custom bench seat made from recycled material
Custom bench seat integrated with planter boxes in Rose bay
Custom bench seat made from recycled material
Profile of custom bench seat using recycled plastic

Woollahra Council’s requirement was to use recycled plastic for long-life and low maintenance. The Roocycleplas product is versatile to meet the needs of this custom project and reflects the incorporation of 3 tonnes of recycled plastics into a new community facility.

Moodie Outdoor Products developed the design in collaboration with the manufacturer, Zebra Street Furniture. Contact us for further information on using Roocycleplas in your next project or to discuss a custom concept.

Custom dog waiting area

Moodie Outdoor Products recently installed a custom dog waiting area at Stockland Balgowlah. The brief required 3D custom signage to be designed and manufactured, and include colours to make the dog waiting area a feature.

Dog tie-up area using 3D custom signage
Dog waiting area at Stockland Balgowlah with 3D custom letter figures

The dog waiting area included easy to clean mats, and conveniently placed leash attachments. Also coupled with planter boxes to fill the space out.

Contact us if you would like further information on custom 3D signage projects or our product range for dog park facilities.

Roocycle ET Pedestrian Bridges – The Kokoda Memorial Walkway


Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed an upgrade to The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Concord. The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway covers more than 800 metres from Rhodes Station to Concord Hospital in Sydney’s inner-west, and runs along the mangrove-studded shores of Brays Bay on the Parramatta River. The walkway is a unique tribute to the bravery of Australian troops who fought through atrocious conditions and against vastly superior enemy numbers in the Papua-New Guinea campaign of July 1942-January 1943.


The two old timber bridges along the track had significant termite, and dry rot damage. They needed to be replaced with a strong, durable, long lasting building material that required no maintenance. Roocycle ET was the obvious choice for a complete rebuild with it’s ‘raw charcoal’ colour blending nicely into the natural bushland environment.

Large ET posts (250x250mm) were produced to replace the old existing ones and 230x130mm beams were used to span the creek beds. Roocycle ET commercial Tri-Deck (190x55mm) was used for decking.