Custom design bench in Rose Bay

Moodie Outdoor Products recently delivered the design and installation of this unique custom bench seat at Rose Bay for Woollahra Council. Using recycled plastic material and integrating the bench design with planter boxes, this bench seat adds some flair to the bustling shopping strip.

Custom bench seat made from recycled material
Custom bench seat integrated with planter boxes in Rose bay
Custom bench seat made from recycled material
Profile of custom bench seat using recycled plastic

Woollahra Council’s requirement was to use recycled plastic for long-life and low maintenance. The Roocycleplas product is versatile to meet the needs of this custom project and reflects the incorporation of 3 tonnes of recycled plastics into a new community facility.

Moodie Outdoor Products developed the design in collaboration with the manufacturer, Zebra Street Furniture. Contact us for further information on using Roocycleplas in your next project or to discuss a custom concept.

by Neal Moodie