Shade Sail Design and Installation

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the design, supply and installation of a Shade Sail over a new playground at John Wearne Reserve in Carlingford, NSW.

3D modelling software was used to design the shade sail. This gives us the ability to check the shade casting of the sail at various times of the day and year. Using this method we are able to adjust the position and heights of the post to maximise shade output.

In total the shade measured 98 m2. Commercial 95 shademesh was used in conjunction with square steel posts with vandal proof discs. The sail was eventually installed over the new ‘teepee’ play equipment (supplied by others).

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Project Completion – Warragamba Shade Sail

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of this shade sail project at a newly constructed playground in Warragamba.

This was a design and construct project. The 8x8m shade sail is Commercial UV95 material and was fitted to the steel square posts painted in Black.

The whole structure is fully engineered and certified. If you would like to enquire about a similar project please Contact Us.

Shade Sail Installed

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a 10x10m shade sail over an existing playground at Annandale Public School.

Posts and fixings were designed and engineered to provide a long lasting and hassle free shade solution.

We have a large range of shade products available that are suitable for both residential or commercial applications. View then here: Shade

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Shadetex – Superior Sun Shade

Shadetex Shade_Sail 1

Moodie Outdoor Products has partnered with Shadetex Sails to offer you their range of Superior Sun Shade sails and accessories. The Shadetex range is a result of many years of research and development in the shade industry. With industry best products and guarantees, and exclusive fabrics, the shade products we provide ensure that your return on investment is maximised.

By partnering with Shadetex, Moodie Outdoor Products can now offer the highest quality fully installed shade solutions that are designed to suit the wind loading in your area as well as the soil conditions at your location. We can also engineer certify the structures to ensure peace of mind.

Shadetex Shade_Sail 5

The large range of shade fabrics available have the following features:

  • High strength fabrics
  • Very high UV ratings
  • Stain, grime and dirt resistant
  • 10 year fabric warranty
  • Large colour range
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable at end of life

Shadetex Shade_Sail 6

Standard sizes are readily available but we can also custom make sails to suit your project. If you would like to find out more or obtain a quote for your project please do not hesitate to Contact Us today!

Umbrella range to cover all your needs

Moodie Outdoor Products has an extensive range of Shade Umbrellas to suit a variety of applications. All umbrellas are commercial grade products, are wind rated and made from long lasting durable materials. Below is a quick overview of the types of Umbrellas available.

Cafe Style

Cafe Umbrella 2


Wall Mount



Cantilever Umbrellas

Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella 5


Fixed Post Umbrellas



To view the full range of umbrellas and the details (size, shape) specific to each Umbrella please click the following link: Umbrellas

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WaveShade – Retractable Shade Solutions


Moodie Outdoor Products is the distributor for the unique WaveShade range of Retractable Shade solutions. Perfect for those outdoor entertaining areas that need the shade during the hot summer days but benefit from letting the winter sunshine in.


WaveShade is the perfect solution in the following applications:

  • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Lawn bowls courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Walkways
  • Swimming pool shade


WaveShade is a unique retractable shade cover used to provide high solar protection in a stylish manner that will enhance your outdoor area. WaveShade has the following features:

  • Retracts away when you want the sun and extends out to provide shade
  • Wide range of colour option
  • Stylish look that suits numerous outdoor settings
  • Custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit over an outdoor space
  • Aluminium components make then suitable for coastal applications
  • Easy to install and operate – fantastic for DIY projects
  • Very simple to take down and store if required
  • 10 year warranty on all components for ultimate peace of mind


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Shade Umbrellas

Liberty Cantilever Umbrella 1

Moodie Outdoor Products has a range of Shade Umbrella options to suit a number of applications from cafe to residential pool areas. These umbrellas are manufactured to the highest quality using marine grade anodised aluminium and high quality canvas in a range of standard and premium colours.

Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella 5


To view the range of umbrella options available please click here: Umbrellas

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Project Completion – Elizabeth McCrae Playground Shade Sail

Elizabeth McCrae Park Shade

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of fully engineered Shade Sail structure at Elizabeth McCrae Park in Redfern, Sydney to provide shade for the children’s playground. The shade sails have been designed to provide maximum shading to the playground and to withstand wind loadings up to 120km/h.

Moodie’s were able to provide their client with an artistic impression of the shade structure during the approval phase (shown below).

Elizabeth McCrae Park New Angle with Proposed Shade

The installation of the structure was completed over 2 days to minimise the impact of the works on the local community.

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