Project completion – Nambour 18m pedestrian bridge

Riesling steel truss bridge installed at Nambour, Qld

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the supply and installation of a Riesling steel bridge in Nambour, Qld.

The single span bridge is 18m long with 1.5m clear width between handrails to facilitate a creek crossing for pedestrians. The bridge is designed to 5kPa pedestrian loading with HDG (hot-dip galvanised) steel balustrade panels, cycle rails, and FRP mini-mesh decking.

Manufactured and factory assembled by Outside Products, the bridge was transported to site by two semi-trailers, and craned into position through heavy tree coverage.

Bridge being craned into position and navigating heavy tree cover.
Creek crossing with Riesling steel truss bridge in position.

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Project completion – Grafton 26m pedestrian bridge

Riesling steel trussed bridge installed at Clarenza path near South Grafton, NSW.

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the supply and installation of a Riesling steel bridge in Grafton, NSW.

The single span bridge is 26m long with 2.5m clear width between handrails to facilitate a shared pathway for pedestrians and bicycles. The bridge is designed to 5kPa pedestrian loading with HDG (hot-dip galvanised) steel balustrade panels, cycle rail, and FRP mini-mesh decking.

Manufactured by Outside Products with factory assembly, transported by three semi-trailers, and craned into position.

All factors related to the river and its banks are taken into account when planning the bridge installation.
A crane lifts the single span bridge with careful final positioning onto the abutments.
The bridge is attached to concrete abutments.

Old Noarlunga Cable Suspension Bridge

Moodie Outdoor Products recently had the chance to re-visit the cable suspension bridge we installed in Old Noarlunga in South Australia.

The bridge was installed in 2019. It is a 45m clear span, 5m approach ramps on both sides and a 1m trafficable width. The bridge is looking magnificent – the pictures below tell the story!

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Project Completion – Derby Cable Suspension Bridge

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 5

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a 63m clear span Cable Suspension Bridge for Dorset Council in Tasmania.

The bridge forms part of the BlueDerby mountain bike trails…the largest network of mountain bike trails currently in Australia. The bridge is just under 2m wide allowing for bike riders and pedestrians to easily pass each other by on the bridge.

All fabrication works for the bridge are completed in the factory and shipped to site. Fully engineered bridge abutments are installed before the bridge components are shipped to site. From there it is a matter of erecting the main portals and installing the main support cable from one side to the other. Once that is complete the bridge is constructed from one side to the other.

All steel work is galvanised and the bridge deck is installed using FRP mesh product.

As you can see from the pictures the bridge is functional and does not detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding environment!

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 6

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 4

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 3

Cable Suspension Bridge Dorset 2

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Project Completion: Pedestrian Bridge Installation

3rd Settlement Reserve Bridge Finished

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the installation of a pedestrian bridge for Parramatta City Council at 3rd Settlement Reserve.


The bridge came in pre-fabricated kit form from Outside Products. Measuring a total length of 14m the bridge was delivered in kit form. Requiring 1 day worth of construction the bridge was then craned into place and bolted down.


Once the bridge was placed, the decking boards and balustrade were then installed over a 2 day period. Roocycle  decking was selected as the decking board of choice as it provides a long lasting zero maintenance solution that is also slip rated to Australian Standards.


The pedestrian bridge has been fully engineer approved and has been designed to withstand flood conditions. To comply to the flood loading the bridge was designed with collapsible balustrades so that in the event of a flood the total load on the bridge and its abutments is reduced.

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‘Kit Up’ with Outside Products

Outside Toilet

Moodie Outdoor Products are the exclusive distributors for Outside Products in NSW, QLD & ACT. Outside Products specialise in design, engineering and fabrication of public use structures with a strong focus on customising designs to specific needs and specifications. These public use structures include shelters, footbridges, board walks and restrooms.

Outside Bridge

To minimise the time and expense of installation each structure is delivered in kit form, which we believe are the sturdiest available for public use.  Each component has been carefully designed taking into account how they interact with every other part of the structure. Each kit form structure comes with Building Approval Drawings and Third Party Engineering Certification (Form 15) and backed by a 10 year warranty.

Final Handover Pk Alex hills (6)

Focusing on Outside Products range of shelters, you can choose from over 150 different combinations of size and style. Each shelter is available in kit form and is available with steel posts or our special design timber leaf post.  The timber leaf post incorporates the strength of hot dipped galvanised steel posts from the bottom of the footing right up to the rafter, with the added aesthetic of natural timber.  The result is a timber look post that ensures the structure performs with great stability in high wind.

Outside Shelter

To view the full range of offerings please visit the Outside Products website. Alternatively, contact one of Moodie’s sales team to find out more.