Flexible Bollards – IN STOCK NOW

Moodie Outdoor Products has stock available of flexible recoverable bollards available for immediate purchase.

These flexible bollards are perfect for carpark environments. Metal bollards will require replacement or repair with even the slightest knock. Not so with the flexible range of bollards.

Another excellent application for these flexible bollards is within cycleways. These bollards have undergone Head Impact and Torso Impact testing and have returned results in the Low range.

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Bollard Bonanza

Moodie Outdoor Products has a vast range of bollards suitable for a vast range of applications. The Bollard range includes bollards made from the following materials:

  • Recycled Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Concrete

Depending on the application Moodie Outdoor Products can recommend a bollard material and style to suit the needs of your project. Below is a quick overview of some of the Bollards available from Moodie Outdoor Products.

Wood Plastic Composite Bollards – cost effective, sustainable and long lasting!



Solar Bollard Lights – perfect for lighting walkways and paths


X-Last Flexible Recoverable Bollards – Perfect for high traffic areas, carparks and bike paths as they spring back to shape if hit by a car

X-Last Home Page

xlast ncc 3

Concrete Confeti Bench/Bollards

Mago Confeti Bench

Concrete Sphere Bollards




Timber Bollards


To view the full range of Bollards please click the following link: Bollards

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X-Last the choice for Newcastle CBD

xlast ncc 3

Newcastle City Council has recently completed the installation of a number of X-Last Gorge model bollards to line the streets of the CBD and to feature at the front of the War Memorial.

The X-Last range of bollards are a rigid but fully flexible-recoverable design. This makes them the perfect choice for traffic and parking areas where a high volumes of traffic are anticipated.

xlast ncc 2

With Newcastle City Council anticipating a number of impacts to the bollards the small initial premium paid (over traditional metal or timber bollards) is quickly recovered when the impacted bollards rebound to the fully upright position rather than having to replace or repair the impacted bollard. The photo below shows a bollard that has been impacted numerous times but standing in the upright position.


In areas where temporary access is required the removable type of bollard has been installed. Council chose to include the severe impact ring during installation to ensure long lasting durability of the bollards.

xlast ncc 5

The Gorge model of bollard is available in 80mm or 100mm diameter and is available in a range of heights. The bollard is available as a permanent fixture or to work with a removable base. Clients also have the choice to include the reflective tape to aid in night time visibility.

Click here to see the full range of X-Last Bollards.

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