Project completion: Fully enclosed FRP pedestrian bridge, Erina, NSW

Fully enclosed FRP pedestrian bridge providing fully secure access between shopping centre and adjacent enclosed structure.

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the supply and installation of a fully enclosed FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) pedestrian bridge in Erina, NSW. The single span bridge is 9m long, 2m wide, 2.5m high enclosed roof, and engineered to 4kPa.

Inside view of fully enclosed FRP pedestrian bridge after assembly.

The specification for a fully enclosed FRP bridge was to enable secure access between the shopping centre tenant and an adjacent outdoor structure. SecureMax mesh panels were installed for enhanced security of retail goods whilst traversing the bridge.

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Fully enclosed FRP bridge being craned into position over shopping centre driveway

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by Neal Moodie