Quality products to update roadside rest areas

Moodie Outdoor Products has extensive experience to guide you in using our high quality products to update any roadside rest area across Australia. The roadside rest area is a valuable resource for people who are traveling by car, working on the road, or where the road is their livelihood. So quality and functional features are highly valued.

Roadside rest area set against a vast rural landscape with a solar powered restroom and water tank.

Moodie Outdoor Products supplies all the typical products needed for a roadside rest area that provides safety, enjoyment, and convenience to the community. Our product range includes:

Restrooms (flushing, baby change tables, disability accessible, vandal resistant)

Restrooms (waterless and septic tank)


Picnic table settings



Drinking fountains

Visitor information signage

Outback roadside rest area with shelters, picnic settings, bins and solar powered restroom facilities.

Our rest area product range can incorporate solar powered lighting, and recycled plastic materials. These features are essential to provide 24 hour safety and convenience in rest areas along our regional and outback roads.

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by Neal Moodie