05c GRC Flower Pot Planters

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The CityScape Range of Flower Pot Planters is a GRC version of one of the most traditional terracotta flower pot designs that has been fashionable for decades, particularly in smaller pots. However, whilst the Flower Pot Planter Range retains that traditional flower pot appearance it is focused on large planter sizes because that is where GRC technology has significant advantages over terracotta and most other planter technology. These flower pot planters are intended for use in commercial applications where strength, quality and weather resistance are essential.

Full details of the available sizes and specifications can be found here:


Available sizes below:

Available in the following finishes:

  1. Standard Finish – Natural Grey, White or Charcoal
  2. Acrylic Paint – acrylic paint technology enables the painting of concrete surfaces to virtually almost any colour. Select from the Dulux range of colours.
  3. Integral Colour Option – require the addition of an oxide colouring additive to the concrete during production, are also available for the City Scape Range upon request. The additional costs of these integrated colours vary depending on the colours chosen and will be provided upon request
  4. Oxide Surface Finishes – Oxides Surface Finishes provide very earthy and industrial appearances that cannot be achieved by integrated colouring and painted finishes. There are four standard colours in the Oxide Surface Finish Range.
    • Iron Stone – which provides the earthy appearance of light coloured iron-ore-rich stone
    • Fossil – which provides the earthy appearance of dark and ancient stone
    • Rust – which provides the industrial light-coloured appearance of heavily rusted steel
    • Cast Iron – which provides the industrial dark-coloured appearance of weathered cast iron