01 Leisure Time Hercules BBQ

Whether it is for the school, footy club, workplace or home nothing beats the Leisure Time Hercules for raw power, solid quality and simple convenience.

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  • Huge, 6mm thick solid cold rolled steel hotplate with a cooking area of 1100 x 560mm
  • Four strong cast iron burners for a high level of heat control and excellent heat conduction and heat efficiency.
  • Large fat drainage channel for easy fat removal
  • Large fat collection tin that holds up to 1.5L of waste for safe storage and easy cleaning.
  • Electronic ignition for easy lighting.
  • Recessed burners for safe transport.
  • Commercial grade castors and wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Available as an inbuilt model or with a trolley.
  • Available to run on LPG or natural gas

Options available:


Stainless steel lid 1


Stainless steel and powder coated lids to keep rain and weather off the hotplate. We highly recommend a lid to help keep the hotplate in good condition for years on end.


Spatter guard/windshield

A stainless steel spatter guard will stop fat spatter from landing on walls, the ground or people. It also acts as a windshield, helping keep the food warm and clean on windy, dusty days.


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Stainless steel side tables

A solid stainless steel side table makes a useful addition to the Hercules BBQ. It provides space for preparing food and for holding utensils such as tongs as well as plates, serviettes and plates.


Stainless Steel