Moodie IS Aurora Umbrella

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Stylish residential cantilever umbrellas are perfect for garden, pool and spa areas.

Sizing Options

  • 3.5m Octagonal
  • 2.8m Square

Installation Components (optional):

315mm Diameter Base Plate (for bolting to existing concrete or decking)

Inground Sleeve (for pouring new concrete footing)

Movable Cross base for placing in different locations in the garden

Block Pavers (set of 4 for movable cross base)


Protective cover

Stabiliser bars

Features Unique to The Aurora

  • Stylish, streamlined design with a sporty, nautical flair
  • Multiple tilt positions
  • Lightweight (approx. 27kg)
  • Optional cross bases making it perfect if you’re renting or wanting to move the umbrella between different locations in your garden
  • Smaller sizes perfectly suited to more compact areas
  • Stylish and sporty when in use, unobtrusive when collapsed
  • Marine-grade materials guarantee longevity
  • Anodized aluminium means no rust, no paint to flake
  • Maximise your space and shade with no central post
  • Very easy to use
  • Full 360-degree rotation …follow the sun and shade a large area with only one patio umbrella!
  • Tilts to block out early morning and late afternoon sun
  • Tilting function provides additional privacy as it creates a “wall” of shade
  • Proprietary Du Pont glass filled, UV resistant resin components
  • Proprietary oval-shaped arms, exclusively designed connectors and central hubs
  • Fold into a compact vertical format
  • Can be removed for seasonal storage
  • Easy installation options

Aurora Cantilever Umbrella 7

Colours available: Natural, Tan, Slate, Smoked Tweed and Black

Aurora Cantilever Umbrella Colour Chart

Aurora Cantilever Umbrella Warranty



We have two options for installing the Aurora umbrella. You can simply purchase a cross base and black concrete pavers that can be positioned anywhere in your garden, or a “semi-permanent” method that provides the most safe and secure operation. Advantages of a semi-permanent installation include:

  • No bases
  • Fittings can be removed if umbrella is removed for seasonal storage
  • Increased wind resistance
  • We provide a range of options for installation on any surface
  • Installation is an easy DIY job or can be arranged by us

The spigot (pictured) is included with every side-post umbrella and can be bolted directly into a concrete slab or decking. Additional installation accessories provide the option of making the spigot removable.

Dimensions 390 x 390 x 400 cm