Pro510 Outdoor Table

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The curved legs of the PRO 510 OUTDOOR make is the most attractive of outdoor tables.

Its design allows it to fit in perfectly in the environment of schools, a campsite, a park, a resort or a hotel. Designed to be fixed to the ground, it comes equipped with adjustable screw fittings.

It can be installed in public places without risk of losing its parts: its permanent Leg Assembly net cannot be removed. The table can be used in all circumstances and is built to withstand bad weather. Its toughness makes it an all-terrain table.


  • Blue Playing Top
  • Grey Playing Top

Outdoor playing bats and balls are also available.

SOFTBAT_Outdoor_Table_Tennis_Bat  SUMMIT_2_STAR_Red_Dot_Table_Tennis_Balls_Orange

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 160 x 160 x 10 cm