The cheapest way to do 20m and above clear span bridges!

CableBridge are Australia’s only bridge building company dedicated solely to the design, manufacture and installation of pedestrian suspension bridges. With over 20 years experience we have the engineering and construction resources to develop and complete your project from conception to completion.

Bridge design is fraught with conflicting demands such as budget, regulatory authority requirements, maintenance aspects, aesthetics, site conditions and choices of materials used. We are well placed to help guide you through all the issues confronting your pro-posed bridge project and help you towards a successful outcome.

The suspension bridge or commonly known as “swing bridges”, are a time-honoured way of crossing waterways and service communities throughout the world. We have taken what is a very old concept of footbridge design and developed it using modern long lasting materials that comply with today’s demands. Our bridges are factory prefabricated and erected in usually 7-14 days.

We would be pleased to discuss any project that you or your group are currently planning.


Hardwood, Steel