Roocycle EN Decking

Roocycle EN Decking is Australian Made…so you can be sure that Australian waste is being recycled and used for construction rather than going into landfill!

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Roocycle EN Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking

Roocycle EN decking has a rustic finish that looks great in natural environments.

Size: 100mm x 25mm x 3000mm (Other decking sizes available…please contact us for more information)

Fixing: Pre-drill and screw through decking board

Slip Rating: P2


Roocycle EN Brown Roocycle EN Charcoal


  • Roocycle EN is a WPC (wood/plastic composite) material made from plastic bags, rigid plastic, styrene and hardwood timber particles
  • Roocycle EN extrusions are suitable for all construction projects.
  • Estimated life cycle is 80 -100 years. WPC’s are 100% roocycleable.
  • Colour is embedded for life
  • Rustic surface texture provides greater slip resistance
  • Profiles are extruded in common shapes, dimensions and lengths.
  • Profiles have rounded corners, no splinters and a long life surface.
  • Australian recycled material is used for Roocycle EN raw profiles.
  • Water absorption is very low. Suitable to be immersed in water indefinitely
  • UV stabilised to ensure a longer lasting look for your project.
  • Termite and white ant resistant
  • Thermally stable, will not freeze, low expansion <1%
  • Use traditional woodworking tools to dress, cut, drill, plane and rout
  • Environmental benefits
  • Washable
  • Safe for use in childrens playgrounds
  • 99% recycled materials are used
  • Each kilogram of product diverts 0.99 kilograms of waste from landfill.
  • Profiles are non toxic, will not leach into the environment.
  • The product will not sustain a flame after the source of the fire has been extinguished
  • Can be used in sensitive marine environments
  • Project lengths are available with a lead time
  • Will never rot unlike timber
  • Furniture manufacture service is available
  • MSDS is available with all purchases.

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