10 SBL Standard Solar Bollard

The “Original” vandal resistant Solar Bollard. Made in Australia.

SBL Vandal

Solar Bollard Lighting’s Made in Australia Vandal Resistant and Maintenance Free SBL Series Standard Solar Bollard Range models offer different power models to ensure 365 day operation in any condition except for where there is no direct sunshine at all.

Starting from our 75mA power systems and require under 2 hours of daily exposure to fully recharge from a 15 hour runtime time right up to our 210mA variant.


Port Headland Day & Night Images

Testimonial by Town of Port Headland of SBL210SW-1140IA:

“We are very happy with the bollards, they suit the required use and are going to be a great asset to us for a long time. The tenants that we have put in the adjacent houses (general practitioners) have not been shy in the past with airing any complaints they have but I haven’t heard one complaint regarding the light bollards. That to me is a great accomplishment!”

PortHedlandDay  PortHedlandNight

Darwin Harbour Day & Night Images

DarwinFloatingWalkwayDay  DarwinFloatingWalkwayNight

Impact Test Video of SBL Series of Solar Bollards


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