Abilitybox – Modular Planter Box/Garden Bed

The Abilitybox is another really useful garden product that allows you to design and construct in your garden with ease!

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Abilitybox is a modular construction system that gives you the ability to design and construct a whole range of products and items.

Ability to Create

3031 corner Ability surrounds Expo_14  3035 tree Sk Ability s_17  Skemah Showroom  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

More than just a box you have the ability to create:

  • Planter Boxes
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Bench Seats
  • Retaining Walls
  • Garden Stairs

Ability to Endure

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Materials selected to give it the ability to last for many seasons. Available in 3 material types:

  • Q235 Core-X Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Zinc sealed and Powdercoated Mild Steel (Sand Black)

Ability to Change Colour

Powdercoat the panels to the colour of your choice!

AbilityBench Bench Seat Blue 4

Ability to Adapt

SKEMAH-corten-steel-abilitybox-planter-180x600x1200-nrn1407102-web-res  SKEMAH-corten-steel-abilitybox-planter-360x600x1200-nrn1407103-web-res  SKEMAH-corten-steel-abilitybox-planter-540x600x1200-nrn1407104-web-resjpg  SKEMAH-corten-steel-abilitybox-planter-720x600x1200-nrn1407105-web-res  SKEMAH-corten-steel-abilitybox-planter-900x600x1200-nrn1407106-web-res

With the adaptability for a variety of widths and depths of pots, plants and all things garden, abilitybox is not boxed in. Never be boxed in.

Panels are available in the following lengths:

  • 400mm
  • 600mm
  • 1200mm

A simple joiner is used to create continuous lengths based on the above panel sizes. For example, you can create 800mm (400+400) or 1800mm (1200+600).

The first ‘level’ is 210mm high with each subsequent ‘level’ adding 180mm to the height. So a 2 ‘level’ is 390mm, 3 ‘level’ is 570mm…

Ability to Change

SKEMAH_Corten-Steel-Abilitybox-as-one-seat-nrn14074501-web-res  SKEMAH_Corten-Steel-Abilitybox-as-two seat-nrn14074502-web-res  SKEMAH_Corten-Steel-Abilitybox-as-one-seat-and-bench-nrn14074503-web-res  SKEMAH_Corten-Steel-Abilitybox-as-one-seat-and-planter-box-nrn14074606-web-res

Today a planter, tomorrow a seat. Abilitybox has  a collection of accessories that will give you and your plants the ability make to a garden, a seat or both.

Think outside the box.

Use your Ability


Long, Narrow, Tall or Low, Abilityboxers’ are building a new way to garden…and it can all be done with a single allen key!