Project Completion – Custom Spec Restroom

Restroom Split Roof 1D1A Perf Screen 1

Moodie Outdoor Products recently completed the installation of this custom Outside Products restroom. Based off the standard Argyle Split Roof restroom it was customised with the addition of perforated screening and impact panel construction.

Restroom Split Roof 1D1A Perf Screen 3

Moodie Outdoor Products is happy to work with you to customise any of the standard restroom offerings to meet your particular needs. To see all of the recently completed custom restrooms please click the following link: Custom Spec

Oustside Products has a large range of kit form Restrooms, Shelters and Bridges available. To view the whole Outside Products range please click here: Outside Products

Sports Shelters Ipswich 1 Crescent Aluminium Skillion Shelter 2

3rd Settlement Reserve Bridge Finished

Outdoor Restroom Custom Spec - Stockton Beach 3

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by Clint Moodie