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Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the range of Artistic Sculptures and Site Furnishings from Colin Selig. Colin Selig’s work explores the boundary between sculpture and sustainable design. The objects he creates range from benches and other site furnishings to human scaled bio-morphic sculptures, all re-purposed from scrap propane tanks.

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99% post-consumer reused (vs recycled) content

Among the greenest site furnishings available

Made with 6.5mm curved steel. A very sturdy structure is created when welded together.

Colin Selig Recycled 1

Regionally sourced scrap propane tanks are abundant due to strict regulations limiting their service life.

Colin Selig Recycled 3

The tanks are carefully dissected and the parts re-assembled with no additional reshaping. Upcycling has a dramatically smaller footprint than recycling.

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by Clint Moodie