Thermo Tree Grates

Tree Grate Thermo 29416 16x16 class B_3

The Thermo Tree Grate range from Moodie Outdoor Products is fully manufactured and assembled right here in Australia. The Thermo range covers many sizes and can be customised for your project.

Below are pictures sent in from a client who utilised a 600x600mm Thermo grate as a service access point for the base of their light poles. The surrounding area had new bitumen installed and the client still wanted to be able to access the base of the light pole. The end result not only looks great but provides a solution that is safe for the general public to walk on.

Thermo 600x600 Tree Grate

Thermo Tree Grates are supplied standard with heel safe slots, Class A load rating and non-slip coating. Load rating can be upgraded on request.

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by Clint Moodie