Save lives with Rotaid 24-7

Does your organisation have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator ) on its premises? If so, read on to find out why you need a Rotaid 24-7 Cabinet.

Once every 3 seconds. 25 thousand each day. 9 million per year. Every minute counts. Imagine a killer that strikes the total population of the city of New York, or London or Mexico City….every year! These staggering numbers belong to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, one of the leading causes of mortality in the world. It affects people of all ages, on all continents and at any time. And frighteningly, only 5% of those affected survive

If only a shock from an AED could be delivered within 6 minutes, survival rates would increase to a staggering 45%. That is Rotaids vision…to provide an accessible and functioning AED within 6 minutes.

From professional medical staff to lay responders, anyone can save lives using an AED – if it is available, functioning and accessible. Unfortunately, this is now not always the case. Many AEDs suffer from limited accessibility, slow user response and lack of maintenance. Rotaid 24/7 eliminates all of these.

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently partnered with Rotaid to bring you a range of outdoor AED cabinets. The top of the line Rotaid 24-7 monitors the AED to ensure it is fully functional. If a problem is detected the error is reported to a central monitoring system and the person responsible for the maintenance of the AED is notified. We feel this system is perfect for Schools, Universities, Sporting Clubs and RSL clubs.

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by Clint Moodie