Thermo Range of Tree Grates

Tree Grate Thermo 29416 16x16 class B_2

Moodie Outdoor Products hasĀ a new range of Thermo Tree Grates. The Thermo Tree Grates are manufactured using the latest in CNC technology which allows us to provide an affordable solution for your tree grate needs. Previously tree grates were made using casting processes which was not only a slow and expensive it is also prohibitive in the number of designs available due to the cost of the casts. Cast grates also required a minimum number of units to be ordered.

Tree Grate Thermo 29416 16x16 class B_3

With the Thermo range of grates Moodie Outdoor Products has been able to reduce lead times and pricing while allowing you flexibility in the tree grate design and number of tree grates ordered. An added benefit is the number of materials we can offer the tree grates in – mild steel, corten steel, aluminium and stainless steel to name a few.

29406 themo grate 600x607 29405 themo grate 600x601 29404 themo grate 600x604

29403 themo grate 600x603 29402 themo grate 600x606 29401 themo grate 600x605

Tree grates can be provided with load rating of up to Class B, expandability for tree growth, non-slip surfacing and in a variety of overall sizes. We also welcome the opportunity to provide you with Custom tree grate designs.

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29405 themo grate 600x601

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the new Thermo range of Tree Grates. This new range of tree grates includes numerous designs that look great in any streetscape.

Each tree grate is available in the following sizes:

  • 600 x 600mm
  • 750 x 750mm
  • 900 x 900mm
  • 1200 x 1200mm
  • 1500 x 1500mm
  • 1800 x 1800mm

Each tree grate is available in the following materials:

  • Mild Steel
  • Corten Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

29406 themo grate 600x607

The range of tree grate designs available will be expanding all the time. We are even happy to work with you to design your own CUSTOM grates.

To find out more about the Thermo range of tree grates please Contact Us today.