New Product – Sanification Point

Moodie Outdoor Products is proud to bring you the Sanification Point. The design solution that simplifies operations of personal sanitization and waste disposal.

Sanification Point is a practical and elegant solution suitable for indoor use.

It is designed to be, at the same time, a hand sanitization station, and a distribution point for devices to protect against COVID-19, such as disposable gloves, masks, or wipes. It is simple and intuitive to use, and specific pictograms can be applied for a visual indication.

The system also includes a proper litter bin with a steel inner liner, to ease the collection and disposal of waste.

Thanks to appropriate pre-arranged holes on the front side, the station can be equipped with a battery powered automatic dispenser of hand-sanitizer or with a stainless steel universal bottle-holder.

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by Clint Moodie