Quality products for aged care villages

Moodie Outdoor Products has an extensive range of specifically designed products for aged care villages. Our range of high quality and attractive products suit village garden and amenity areas where comfort, style, and convenience is highly valued by the residents.

Garden seating: The Executive Aged seat and Gatta Aged seat are both designed to comply with aged care residential standard (AS1428.2 1992). The seat slats are offered in Roocycle recycled plastic materials, as well as traditional timber.

The Gatta Aged seat with recycled plastic slats.

Whole of facility furniture: Style the whole aged care residency with our range of Fulco System products. Offering distinctive styling and high quality finishes, the Fulco range offers seats, benches and bins in single styles or mix-match with complementary styles.

The Fulco System product range has various styles of benches, seats and bins.

Modular, lightweight indoor and outdoor furniture: For indoor spaces, use our Moonako modular indoor furniture to provide functional organic shaped bench seats. For outdoor spaces, use our Sereno range of benches, planters to create inclusive and illuminating spaces that are easy to re-organise for each event.

Sereno Enea bench seating school modular
Configure the light-weight Sereno Enea bench into any inclusive arrangement

Community recreation areas: Our large chess piece sets are an ideal option to turn a static area into a fun active area. Outdoor table tennis tables also provide low impact game options for residents and families. Setup veggie garden beds using our eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits.

Giant chess games provide an opportunity for games of strategy between older and younger generations.

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Benefits of using FRP materials for custom projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has extensive experience in combining diverse materials for your custom project, including our Roocycle recycled materials, FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer), along with traditional metal, wood and plastic materials.

FRP bridge over small creek

In this article, we look at the benefits of working with FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) and possible applications in outdoor infrastructure products.

Safety and maintenance

FRP members are extremely strong and have a long history of use in public infrastructure. The material doesn’t suffer fatigue or corrosion effects leading to a long life-span. These aspects contribute to a high engineering safety level.

FRP has a reputation for low maintenance costs, an important consideration over the life-time of a public infrastructure installation. FRP is not affected by UV radiation, temperature changes, or marine environments. FRP has vandal resistant qualities as well.


FRP products can be assembled on-site or arrive factory assembled. FRP members are easily drilled and normal hardware can be used to connect members together. FRP is light-weight which may lead to other cost savings in terms of site preparation. FRP is also a good sustainable material to choose.

Applications in public infrastructure projects

Moodie Outdoor Products has delivered custom projects solely in FRP, as well as integrating FRP with recycled plastic and traditional materials. Our capabilities cover:

Pedestrian and bicycle bridges

Pedestrian access ramps


Boat ramps



Read more about Moodie Outdoor Products FRP custom project capability. If your project requires it, we can coordinate engineer approved drawings and certifications.

Please contact Moodie Outdoor Products for further information on FRP and to discuss your next custom project.

Quality products to update roadside rest areas

Moodie Outdoor Products has extensive experience to guide you in using our high quality products to update any roadside rest area across Australia. The roadside rest area is a valuable resource for people who are traveling by car, working on the road, or where the road is their livelihood. So quality and functional features are highly valued.

Roadside rest area set against a vast rural landscape with a solar powered restroom and water tank.

Moodie Outdoor Products supplies all the typical products needed for a roadside rest area that provides safety, enjoyment, and convenience to the community. Our product range includes:

Restrooms (flushing, baby change tables, disability accessible, vandal resistant)

Restrooms (waterless and septic tank)


Picnic table settings



Drinking fountains

Visitor information signage

Outback roadside rest area with shelters, picnic settings, bins and solar powered restroom facilities.

Our rest area product range can incorporate solar powered lighting, and recycled plastic materials. These features are essential to provide 24 hour safety and convenience in rest areas along our regional and outback roads.

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eWood recycled plastic garden beds for community programs

Moodie Outdoor Products is the primary distributor of eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits and edging products.

eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits available in a range of sizes and are easy to assemble

With increasing interest in using recycled plastic materials as an alternative to non-sustainable materials, the eWood range of garden products is an ideal option for many residential and community projects.

With community kitchen programs such as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation encouraging local and community based gardens to improve outcomes for food education and garden productivity. The eWood garden bed kits are an ideal solution to kick-start these projects with a sustainable, non-toxic, long-lasting material.

The eWood garden bed kits are supplied with all materials pre-drilled and only requires basic tools to assemble the eWood garden beds. The garden bed kits can be stacked on each other to attain a higher garden bed level. Most sized garden bed dimensions can be achieved by combining multiple sized kits together.

eWood recycled plastic garden bed kits are supplied with pre-drilled holes and screws.

What is eWood?

eWood® is a unique plastic wood made from the recycled mixed plastics of products previously destined for landfill such as: computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment, car parts and printer cartridges.

Visit the eWood online store now and order direct.

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Project completion – custom walkway to bridge connection

Moodie Outdoor Products successfully designed and installed a custom walkway and bridge connection in Granville, NSW. Walkway was constructed using Roocycle recycled plastic as bearers, and FRP for the joists and decking.

Custom walkway made from Roocycle recycled plastic bearers and FRP joists and decks with cycle rails.

The site was challenging being situated alongside a storm water channel. The soil was loose fill and required screw pier foundations down to as much as 6 metres to meet engineers specifications. The bicycle compliant rail was a Moddex galvanised steel BS45 bike rail balustrade.

Cycleway transition onto FRP decking
Bridge connection with curved cycle compliant railing.

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Distinctive product lines by Fulco System

Moodie Outdoor Products offers a range of distinctive product lines manufactured by Fulco System. Fulco System is a leading European manufacturer based in Poland. Combining strong architectural influences and high quality manufacturing results in reliable and attractive products to suit all outdoor spaces.

Fulco System manufactures products based on steel, timber and concrete stone themes. Product lines range include seats, concrete planter and benches, bins, bike racks, and benches.

Unique forms and stone material provide attractive pieces to complement any feature space
Example of the Edge double bench by Fulco System

View the entire range of products available from Fulco System.

Please contact us for further information about the Fulco System product lines and how they can be combined with your next project.

Architectural K9 dog agility park

Moodie Outdoor Products recently delivered a custom architectural K9 dog agility park in Victoria. The brief involved combining Roocycle recycled plastic with Corten steel, and introducing softer lines into our traditional K9 dog agility park components. The result was a distinctive looking dog agility park blended within the surrounding environment.

Rounded shapes resulted in softer looking dog agility equipment blending with the surrounding environment.
Unique rounded ramp over two tunnels offers numerous dog agility adventures

View the other architectural dog agility park elements on our product page.

Please contact us to discuss custom architectural themes for your next dog agility park project.

Abilitybox modular system featured on Foxtel’s ‘Selling in the City’

Moodie Outdoor Products was pleased to feature our Abilitybox planter and seat combinations on the Foxtel series, ‘Selling in the City’. The presenter Paddy has worked with our Abilitybox modular range on a number of projects.

Abilitybox seat and planter modular combo
Abilitybox is modular and can be configured into seating, planters, retaining walls to achieve a range of sizes and heights.

Abilitybox modular planters and seats are made from steel, are easy to assemble, and have surface finish options of Corten rust-look, powdercoat coloured, and faux timber appearance.

In this episode, based in Richmond, Victoria, Paddy uses Abilitybox as the base for his pizza oven concept. Abilitybox provides a sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble solution for this application.

Please contact Moodie Outdoor Products for further information and pricing related to your project.

Project completion – Grafton 26m pedestrian bridge

Riesling steel trussed bridge installed at Clarenza path near South Grafton, NSW.

Moodie Outdoor Products has recently completed the supply and installation of a Riesling steel bridge in Grafton, NSW.

The single span bridge is 26m long with 2.5m clear width between handrails to facilitate a shared pathway for pedestrians and bicycles. The bridge is designed to 5kPa pedestrian loading with HDG (hot-dip galvanised) steel balustrade panels, cycle rail, and FRP mini-mesh decking.

Manufactured by Outside Products with factory assembly, transported by three semi-trailers, and craned into position.

All factors related to the river and its banks are taken into account when planning the bridge installation.
A crane lifts the single span bridge with careful final positioning onto the abutments.
The bridge is attached to concrete abutments.

Solar enabled furniture and shelters for smart cities

Moodie Outdoor Products offers a range of stylish solar enabled furniture and shelters for Australia’s smart cities initiatives. The Sedi range of smart furniture combines design, sustainability and functionality with technology.

The Sedi shelter and benches has smart connections and is solar enabled to be self-powered.

These shelters and furniture can contain smart connectivity features such as USB and QI wireless charging stations, touchscreen information points and Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as first aid kits and emergency call/panic buttons.

View the range of Sedi and Tonsley solar smart products.

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